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Windy and the Spring Snow is coming

It’s been a very windy day today, even the swing (”hinta”) is swaying to and fro by itself due to the strong wind. This is a garden view in Buda, awaiting for Spring. It’s strange, but the weather forecasts said … Continue reading

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Halászat means fishing. When the weather is good in this little “hut” children can catch a little plastic fish from the tank. Every fish has a number and the advertisement on the “hut” promisses that every number wins. The prize … Continue reading

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I dont know if anyone lives here or not. But with the armchairs and with the caravan it seems to be a perfect shelter. Budapest, Hüvösvölgy, Nagyrét.. [ heart attack viagra | buy viagra now | buy generic viagra from … Continue reading

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Hűvösvölgyi Nagyrét

The great field at Hűvösvölgy is one of those rare parts of Budapest which has been untouched since decades. Popular play for excursions , for running and for outdoor events among the hills of Buda.. [ viagra without prescription | … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse in the snow

Zannnie in her supersafe wintershoes with Momo and sitting in the snow. Rare moments as we really don’t have snow that often anymore in Budapest.. [ viagra toronto buy | purchase cialis cheap | sildenafil citrate omnigen | how to … Continue reading

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