Hungarian Recipes

Hungarian cuisines are a ‘must-try‘ if you are here in Budapest. Here are some recipes of the top Hungarian local favourites to share.

hungarian food


6 Responses to Hungarian Recipes

  1. Kati says:

    jo étvàgyat!

  2. Edit says:

    Beautiful photos of our Hungarian Specialties. We are proud to teach Hungarian cooking classes in Toledo Ohio.

  3. Dakuro says:

    Excellent thanks a lot, I’m gonna make a review later, i wonder why some people like to be eating all the time, thanks

  4. xl says:

    thanks for sharing this, my favorite is Baked ham with ginger marmalade glaze, it looks really delicious, thanks a lot

  5. George Garai says:

    we are looking for a recipe called Sos Tea Sutemeny which was produced in Budapest in the Hauer pastry shop on Rakoce street if you can find any information on this we would appreciate it greatly.

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