The one and only Heroes’ Square – Budapest

Budapest, Heroes Square

This is not the only photo of Heroes’ Square, in fact one of the many and on this, there are others in other perspective and one about allegorical figures of Work and Prosperity. To be honest, this square is one of the most amazing to see in real and being there is definitely different from just seeing a photo of it. The ‘heroes’ on the square are very majestic and huge. Very tall and their horses, I can stare at them for so long imagining their past. These are namely the HEROES:

  • Stephen I of Hungary St. Stephen receives the crown from an emissary of the Pope
  • Ladislaus I of Hungary St. Ladislaus slays the Cumanian abductor
  • Coloman of Hungary Coloman prohibits the burning of witches
  • Andrew II of Hungary Andrew leads a crusade
  • Béla IV of Hungary Béla rebuilds the country after the Mongol invasion
  • Charles I of Hungary Ladislaus IV defeats Ottogar at the battle of Marchfeld
  • Louis I of Hungary Louis the Great occupies Naples
  • John Hunyadi The Siege of Belgrade (1456)
  • Matthias Corvinus Matthias with his scholars
  • István Bocskay Hajdú soldiers defeat the imperial forces

  • Gabriel Bethlen Bethlen concludes a treaty with Bohemia
  • Imre Thököly The battle of Szikszó
  • Francis II Rákóczi Rákóczi returns from Poland
  • Lajos Kossuth Kossuth rallies the peasants of the Great Plain

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Batthyány örökmécses

The prime minister of the first responsible Hungarian government, Count Lajos Batthyány, was condemned to death by firing squad by the Austrian powers. Since 1926 an eternal flame has been burning in memory of this martyr at the place of his execution.

The light of the eternal flame is in a crimson glass placed in a 180 centimetre-tall bronze holder that stands on four legs. This is set on a pedestal with three steps.

The assembly of the capital decided to erect an eternal flame memorial in 1905. Móricz Pogány won the tender, but construction was delayed because of World War I. István Lebó, the last living member of the 1948 National Guard, was also present at the unveiling ceremony on 26th October 1926. (source:

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