European Rabbis in Budapest

European Rabbis in Budapest 2014


A memorial is held next to the Pest side of Danube as part of an annual conference in Budapest where hundreds of European rabbis gathered to honor the Jews who were ordered to take off their shoes before their execution by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest. Candles & flowers are presented at the 60 pairs of “Shoes on the Danube Promenade” memorial.

Rabbinical Centre of Europe support and strengthen the spiritual infrastructure of the Jewish communities in Europe as well as facilitating the European rabbis’ congregations.

Posted from Donauworth, Bavaria, Germany.

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Photogenic and Enchanting Little Princess in Budapest


Still sitting on the iron balustrade of Budapest’s Dunacorso by the embankment, she is the ‘Little Princess’ Statue you shouldn’t missed. Thousands and thousands of people should have taken a photo of her or with her because if you are in Budapest, you will not missed walking along the Danube. And all the more you wouldn’t want to missed her! :) This statue was inspired by a 5 year old little girl. She likes to play ‘princess’ in a fancy dress of a real princess and a crown made of newsprint. Laszlo Marton created this statue, there is also a reproduction in Tokyo (Metropolitan Art Space, right in front of the concert hall). Another interesting statue recommendation.

Posted from Budapest, Budapest, Hungary.

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