Fog in Budapest

Fog in Budapest

This is the mood of November in Budapest. In the foggy background you can see the Buda Castle.


Posted from Budapest, Budapest, Hungary.

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Fly around the world with discounted prices

Budapest by night - Le Parlement - photo picture image photography

There is a difference between discounts, coupons, and promo codes when you’re booking your travel plans. Using a Hotwire promo code is not the same as using one of their discounts or coupons.
Many companies use promo codes, discounts, and coupons to entice customers into their store or business. They can be some substantial savings using any one of them, but it is best if you understood what the difference is before you use one.
There is a Hotwire promo code you can use to book your vacation, which includes flights, hotels, and car rentals. The promo code is a number you use when you check out that usually gives you a lower rate on the price of the booking. Some booking agencies only allow the promo code, which stand for a promotion code, to be used on individual bookings such as just the hotel price or the airplane fare.
A promo code is usually from the airlines, hotel or car rental companies. They are giving you a special price for using their company. It has an expiration date and must be used in that time period. Some companies let you use the promo code today, but you can book the reservation for months ahead. Other companies only allow you to use the promo code within a certain time period, usually a month.
Hotwire promo codes are offered by the companies, Hotwire just passes on the value to you. They aren’t in charge of the rule and regulation of the promo code. A promo code can be as much as $100 off or as little as $10 off. It depends on the time of year, and that means it’s seasonal, usually off season. It’s a time when hotels and airlines want to have more customers stay or travel with them.
A promo code can also be one from a company that is just starting out in business. They want you to try their services, especially travel companies. That way you can give a good (or bad) review of their business. These promo codes are a pretty good deal, especially if the company is just starting out in business.
Even a Hotwire coupon can give you considerable savings when you’re traveling. They are usually a percent off the price of the airfare, hotel, or car rental such as $10 off the price if you use their hotel and stay 3 days and nights.
Be very sure you read the rules (fine print) for using the promo codes, whether it’s from Hotwire or any other booking agent. They most likely will have a list of ways and times you can use the promo code. More here:

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CheapOair coupons


Travel web sites are the best place to find coupons for air travel. You can also find hotels, restaurants, and rental discounts including CheapOair coupons. The Internet is loaded with sites offering coupons, discounts and specials, but some of them are outdated and no longer work. Finding legitimate coupons is no longer a hassle.

There are 4 different kinds of deals you can receive using coupons and promo codes. A coupon is the standard coupon offered by the airline company or the travel agency. You have to enter the code at checkout to receive the discount. For example, CheapOair coupons give you a $15 savings on normal flights. Entering the promo code at checkout will give you the best deals on air travel. They are normally offered by the travel agency, not the airline.

Travel coupons also come with a percent off such as 30% off a New York hotel with the purchase of the flight plan to New York. There is the normal expiration date, but no promo code. These are valuable when you’re travelling on an expense account and need to save money. Normally the discount is offered during holiday seasons, but you can find them at the start of vacation season as well.

Another saving in air travel is a discount that says New York flights from $99. It’s not really a coupon, just the lowest price you can find at the time. The main benefit is a flexible flying date and flying times. Sometimes they are offered for weekend trips and other times they are offered during the week only. Either way, you can find some terrific deals on air travel.
You can also find discounts on travel web site offering “Up to 60% off on flights at or cruises up to 45% off at These are actually useless discounts. They have no benefits for the users, so it’s not really a deal, just a way to get you to go to their web site. Keep on the lookout for them.

What you want to look for in a coupon is a web site that has up-to-date coupons, discounts, and specials such as TravelCheap365. They have actual coupons, such as CheapOair coupons that really work and they are up-to-date. It’s rare to find a coupon on Travel Cheap 365 that doesn’t work. You’ll find some of the greatest travel deals when you need to book your flight. More info at:

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