About Zsolt

My name is Zsolt and I am a Hungarian who lives in Budapest. I have been blogging on this site since 26 August 2006. I like photography, travel and painting.

As for Zannnie, she was invited to be my co-author since 2007. She married me and became my wife in 2009. We live in Budapest. Here you can read more about her :)

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53 thoughts on “About Zsolt

  1. My wife and I traveled to Budapest last week. Before we left, I looked through every picture you have on your web site. Your pictures helped us plan our trip so much. We saw things that you had pictures about that were amazing – things that we would have never known to go see. You were a huge help to us in planning out our trip. Budapest is a wonderful city. And we had an incredible time in your city.

    Thank you!

  2. hey, looking at your pics, i was not sober for sure.. and i book my to and fro tickets with 4 of my friends for 6 days… we are coming on 22nd of this month and leaving on 28th of this month.. could you please help me with the places to see and help us with our i ternary???

    thank you very much

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