About Zsolt

My name is Zsolt and I am a Hungarian who lives in Budapest. I have been blogging on this site since 26 August 2006. I like photography, travel and painting.

As for Zannnie, she was invited to be my co-author since 2007. She married me and became my wife in 2009. We live in Budapest. Here you can read more about her :).

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  1. John Wagner says:

    I was looking for info on Savoyai Eugene and found your web site. your text gave me a good laugh. nice work.


  2. Cris Ös says:

    I found you at Flickr.com! I live in Brazil, but as you can see I got an Hungarian name and I am looking for someone in order to help me to find my family in Hungary!!!!
    Do you have any tip?

    See ya,

  3. Joseph Vas says:

    I enjoy looking at the daily picture very much since finding your site. My Father is Hungarian. I have spent alot of time in Budapest and some of the villages around The Balaton. I miss Hungary and Budapest very much when I am not there but your pictures take me there a little each day. Thank you.


  4. Zsolt says:

    Hello Cris,
    If i can see well your family name is Ös. I simple tried to check it in the phonebook but written like Ös I didnt find any families there. But I find 4 families with the name Öss. Their address is public in the phonebook, here is the link of the phonebook:


    John, Joseph…thank you for your comments…I am glad you like to visit my site:)

  5. Martin says:

    Hello Zsolt,

    I just bumbed into your blog. I live in Sweden but have Hungarian parents. Nice to see some pictures from Budapest. Keep it up.


  6. Marko says:


    i found your blog via technorati searching for Budapest Blogs. I spend the last half a year in Budapest. I studied there. For what reason I know a lot of things from your pictures. I will come again to take a look. nice blog, nice photos. Hope to come back in the near future.

    Marko from Berlin

  7. rebamex says:

    Hi Zsoolt

    I got a message from you on my Flickr page, asking about my pic of an old lady selling flowers. You can use it with pleasure, I’m glad you like it. Just don’t forget to look at the CC license!
    I’m from South Africa and spent 2 weeks in Budapest last month – it’s very cool to think that people in Budapest (and everywhere else) might look at my photo


  8. Mattia says:

    Great photos and great site. This will be my personal goodmorning. I’m just in love with Budapest and I own a blog on the hungarian szecesszio in which you can find about 1400 photos of Budapest, mainly Pest side. You can use on your blog the photo you like :)
    See you soon in Budapest !

  9. jenni says:

    just came across your dp blog. am visiting budapest in august and am very happy to see if i will recognize anything from your photos. they are beautiful! thank you.

  10. Zsolt says:

    you are more then welcome in Budapest jenni:) If you need any information or help just let me know!

  11. ElaineMc says:

    About ten years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to spend an academic year studying at the then-BUES. It was an amazing experience, and by far, Budapest is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen.

    I have a handful of photos up here: http://finalgirl.us/fgimages/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=46&g2_GALLERYSID=29f438c79140232a266a91530216dbb7

  12. aniko says:

    Hi Zsolt,
    love your blog. I am a Hungarian, living with my husband and son in Germany for ten years now. I keep missing Hungary, and I go home as often as I can (3-4 times a year) – but it is not enough. I would love to be at both countries at the same time. I keep thinking that one day I will go back and live at home. But then I would miss Germany… Anyway, your photos make me come here often enough, just wanted to say hi, and thank you for the pics.

  13. Zsolt says:

    I am happy that my blog helps you to be back to Hungary at least virtualy:)

  14. Sevil says:

    Hi Zsolt,
    I’m from Istanbul, Turkey,not from Budapest, but still when i looked at your photos I felt like i was back in Istanbul with my loved ones. Istanbul is kind of my Budapest and those two cities look similar in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  15. Hello Zsolt
    What a great idea, another day another photo.
    I have just bookmarked your site and I look forward to following you around budapest. So thanks for making the web a better place.

  16. Kovacs Gabor says:

    Szia Zsolt!

    Koszi a szok szuper Budapest-i kepek re!

    How I miss being there in Budapest, and just being able to walk between all those great locations, in and around the city of Budapest!

    From Johannesburg, South Africa

  17. Malinka Ivanova says:

    Nice job! Thank you for sharing! :)

  18. wellsszhu says:

    Hi Zsolt
    As you said I am from china,I am glad to received your messages on Flicke site,and I like your pictures as same as your beautiful country and city of Budapest,Because of your dramatic pictures get me to jion your world now.

  19. Diba says:

    Hi Zsolt, thanks for following my blog, I like your blog too, all photos here are very cute!

  20. Schégerin Fülöp says:

    Jó napot kivánok. Hogy Vagy?

    Te Bujáki Zsolt vagy?

    Vigyázz magadra. Jó munkát…


  21. netzzwerg says:

    Hello Zsolt,

    thank you for following me on twitter. You have a very interesting page. Im going to leave tomorrow night Budapest and go back to germany but with your pictures i can see more of budapest.



  22. Corwyn says:

    Hi Zsolt,

    Found your page trying to find some info about doing business in Budapest.
    I was born there, just got home from 10 days for the first time in almost 25 years.
    Just couldn’t spend more time.

    Like to visit more often, and to make that happen I was thinking about finding a way of doing business there. One of the things that screamed at me was that while the level of conversational English by most people we encountered was great, it is sorely lacking for a business environment.

    It got to the point where we started taking pictures of signs, menu’s and adds because the “lost in translation” scenarios we encountered were just too funny for people to believe in the US without a picture.

    I am still processing some of the pics and would love to offer them as a pic of the day if you are interested. Any way, appreciate any info you can shed.


  23. Mathys says:


    Check out Mobypicture.com.
    You can use it to post the daily photo to this wordpress blog, directly from your mobile phone and it can also be then automatically posted to other social sites like twitter…
    The nice thing would be if you tag it in a group, so we can place it on the MobyMap…
    That would be great, so viewers could also see where the picture was taken…

    Contact me if you lik!


  24. Jim says:

    Hello Zsolt,
    I love your name! My best friend was John Zsolt and his family was from Budapest. His father was Andrew and we grew up across the street from one another in Canada. I knew him for 46 years, his entire life but tragically we lost John on his 46th birthday in a freak snowboard accident. Go figure that I would be with him at the time. Andrew passed away a few weeks later from a broken heart.
    Sad story yes, but the good news is John Zsolt’s passion for life still lives on in many of his friends and loved ones. Myself included.
    Be proud of the name Zsolt…….if you are anything like my friend John, you are a great man. He was an architect, artist, outdoorsman, a wonderful father, and friend.

    Jim from Canada

  25. Hi Zsolt,

    Sorry for contacting you this way but I couldn’t find your e-mail address.
    I see that you have an interesting blog about Prague http://pragueee.blogspot.com/
    I added it my blogroll (Links) at http://blog.kingwenceslas.co.uk/

    Can you please add my website as below to yours (under Worth to see) on http://pragueee.blogspot.com/

    Website: http://kingwenceslas.co.uk/
    Title: Hotels in Prague

    Again thank you.

  26. Zsolt says:

    I am so sorry guys that I answer so damn late. To be honest i always forget that people can comment here, too!:( Shame on me!:)

    Lucie…of course I will add your kingwenceslas blog to my blogroll with a pleasure:)

    Jim…i also like my name even if its hard to prounance for English speaking people! I am sorry for your lost, I am sure that John Zsolt still lives in your memory.

    Mathys…As soon as I will have a little more time I will check this mobypicture.com the geotagging part sounds promissing.

    Fülöp..nem, nem Bujáki Zsolt a nevem.

    Corwyn…of course I am interested! Feel free to send your pics to me. Its not really clear to me what kind of business you plan to start in Budapest..but if I can help with any info I do it with a pleasure.

  27. chuck says:

    Hello Z…
    I am in USA. Love your site, pics and weather of the day. My parents emigrated from Hungary many years ago and I had my first visit in 2007. Have done much gen research about my family and have great results but am frustrated by rudeness of people today, who are in either churches or offices, where I have gone for help. I am hoping for more translations and digitizations for my quest.
    Best regards, CG

  28. Markus says:

    Hey Zsolt,

    You sent me a message on twitter asking to see my pics of Prague. I have found them and would like to give you a chance to check them out. Email me at the address I registered with. Look forward to chatting with you. I also spent a week in your wonderful city. Have a great day.

  29. Thank you for the great pictures. Always a joy to see please keep them coming. Have a wonderful new year.

  30. Peter says:


    I just found you on twitter and after a couple of days I can say I eagerly look for your daily posts. I’ve spent a lot of time in Budapest since 1991, though I’m on the other side of the world now (at least my wife is from Budapest). I can’t wait to go back. In the meantime, thank you for these!


  31. Karl Walker says:

    Hi there

    I have been on your blog today and have been taking a look at some of your photos which are great. I run a small photo printing website and I would love to know how I can get a text link in your links2 section.

    Please let me know, This would be great. You can email me back on this.

  32. Zannnie says:

    Thanks Karl! Please see the reply on your email.

  33. Marius Paun says:

    Hello Zsolt! I am a Romanian videorapher. You can give me your email adress because i need some help, and I want to ask you something! Thank’s a lot!

  34. Pingback: Luwig Museum Budapest | Contemporary Arts | Budapest daily photo

  35. Zsolt says:

    Hi Marius,

    you can contact us at bzsoolt (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. Joseph Burns says:

    Hi Z&Z,
    I just returned from your beautiful city and enjoyed it very much. My daughter is a grad student at CEU and loves Budapest. If I had known about your site, I would have volunteered to be a guest photog for a day. Here are some of the photos I took:

    Can you tell me anything about this statue:
    (That’s me with the statue). Thank you for the great work you do.
    Joe Burns
    Falmouth, Mass. USA

  37. Dawn says:


    I was in Budapest for 4+ months towards the end of 2009 for student exchange… really miss Budapest. Just discovered this blog and I love it. Reminds me of how beautiful it is. :)
    Left Budapest 12 Dec 2009… and just saw your 13 Dec 2009 post – first snow for that year… very sad I missed it. Can’t wait to go back to Budapest soon. Still missing it everyday…

    Really love autumn and the colours too Zannie, dont’ have it back here in SG ;)

  38. kirk terling says:

    Hi my friends,

    I am from Alabama in US. My gf who I met online lives in Budapest. We have been together now 1 year, and now with my schedule and hers, we will meet for the first time this summer.

    I will be traveling to Hungary to meet her and her parents. Do you have any suggestions on how to make a good first impression on my love?

    I want it special, but I do not know what an Hungarian woman would think is special.

    Any of your ‘thoughts’ would be helpful. I cannot wait to see your country.

    take care….Kirk

  39. Zannnie says:

    Hi Kirk,

    Flowers always work, even for Hungarian ladies, hmm?

  40. lisa says:

    Hello , I am from the USA and I traveled to Budapest in 2009 while living in Europe. I fell in love with the city and I would like to move there. I am a teacher in the US and would like to see if there are any opportunities for an English speaking teacher there (to stay in Budapest indefinetly). Any suggestions or advice? Thanks!

  41. Zsolt says:

    Hi Lisa,

    there are many International schools in Budapest you can apply for a job. Also possible to work as private tutor here. But the market is quite competitive as there are a lot of Americans who decided to settle down in Budapest living on teaching English.


  42. Gelia says:

    Hihi from Singapore! What an awesone read.Im going to visit Budapest in a few days,cant wait!Just wondering what to wear there?

  43. xl pharmacy says:

    also love your blog. I am a Hungarian, living with my husband and son in Germany for ten years now. I keep missing Hungary, and I go home as often as I can (3-4 times a year) – but it is not enough.

  44. Lav says:

    So, I followed your link from Twitter!
    I am from South Africa. We have this amazing elite show which once featured Budapest in all her glory! That was it – I immediately knew that is my next pit-stop. I have travelled to Europe before unfortunately I could not quite visit the land of gorgeous architecture. In my eyes, Hungary has a beautiful dark underbelly about it. {As far as my interests in music go – there are some great Metal Bands too!}
    So, it is quite refreshing to find your page! Keep up the awesome work!

  45. Chase Miller says:

    Jo napot kivanok,

    A nevem Chase Miller, es amerikai vagyok aki szeret fotografiat. Laktam ott Budapesten ket evet, es imadom a varost meg a magyar kulturat. Amikor megneztem a kepeket budapestrol a flicker weboldalon, megdobbant a szivem mert nagyon hianyzik magyarorszag. :) Sajat weboldalom van amely wide angle lens fotografiarol szol. Nagyon szeretnek ha on lenne egy guest poster 37mmwideanglelens.com-on. Nem kell irni wide angle lens-rol, csak fotografia kapcsolatos legyen. Ez erdekelne? ha igen, akkor legyen szives irjon nekem emailben. Meg is mutathatja a kepeit a post-ben. Nagyon szepen koszonom az idejet meg a kedvesseget. Jo fotozast kivanok! :)

    Chase Miller

  46. hussain says:

    i’ve spend 2 years in budapest and it was the best years in my life ..
    budapest an amazing city that go deep in your memory and never leave ..
    thank u verey much for keeping update and nice work
    thank u couple z :)

  47. Ania says:

    Hi! I was looking for some pics from Budapest and just found your blog. Good job! I was in Budapest only once last summer but my memories are still alive ;) I’ll follow your site on fb!
    Greets from Poland!

  48. Zsolt says:

    Thank you Ania, We hope that you had a great time in Budapest.

    NUMBER: +923006758880 _ 03006758880

  50. Lovely to find your blog and see such beautiful photo’s of Budapest. We are travelling to Budapest this weekend for the marathon and can’t wait to explore your beautiful city :-)

  51. Brian Edwards says:

    My wife and I traveled to Budapest last week. Before we left, I looked through every picture you have on your web site. Your pictures helped us plan our trip so much. We saw things that you had pictures about that were amazing – things that we would have never known to go see. You were a huge help to us in planning out our trip. Budapest is a wonderful city. And we had an incredible time in your city.

    Thank you!

  52. Niranjan says:

    hey, looking at your pics, i was not sober for sure.. and i book my to and fro tickets with 4 of my friends for 6 days… we are coming on 22nd of this month and leaving on 28th of this month.. could you please help me with the places to see and help us with our i ternary???

    thank you very much

  53. Alexandra Hatmanu says:

    Hi there,

    I am Alexandra from Vuzum, a boutique digital studio. We launched Blogvio, a startup for
    bloggers, and I’d like to invite you to Private Beta, if you care to share some feedback.

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  54. Patrick Garland says:

    You and Lannie took my wife and I to dinner during our visit to Budapest, several years ago. I wrote a book about General Bandholtz. Anyway, my granddaughter will be visiting Budapest in October, with her husband, and I wanted her to visit your website to get ideas about which sites to see. However, I am having difficulty navigating your site and can only view a couple of photos??

  55. Joyce says:

    Dear Zsolt/Zannie,

    My name is Joyce and I work for ExpatFinder.com.
    ExpatFinder.com is a free one stop website for people preparing to move or working and living overseas. We provide a myriad of services for expatriates and we have over 2,000 articles to help and support the people moving around the world and we are now creating an interview section to help the expats with real life experiences!
    We quite enjoy your blog about living in Hungary, it is very interesting and informative. Would it be possible to interview you to further share some of your tips and feature some of your first hand experience as an Expat and your interview will be published on our Expat Interview section as a guide for our expat readers. The questions are mainly about the day to day lifestyle of an expat. If it would be possible, could you also send some photographs that we can use?
    Of course, if you accept, we can add a link to your blog or some of your website.
    The questions are enclosed, feel free to respond freely. You can return the doc with your answers if you accept this invitation.
    Thanks in advance and do let me know if you prefer other means to conduct this interview and we would be happy to accommodate your terms.

    Best regards,

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