The experiences of a Singaporean living in Budapest since 2007 are mostly recorded here on Budapest Daily Photo blog. I featured here the unique sights not to be missed and if you are a traveler with just three days to a weeks’ time in Budapest, you can find these posts by me useful.
I enjoy photography and painting very much. My interests includes cooking, travel and writing. I get messages every once in a while, from very friendly people who are visiting Budapest. Here, I’ve written down and shared my recommendations about some of the ”9 MUST-SEE in Budapest!
Before I live in Budapest with my husband, Zsolt, I was blogging for Singapore Daily Photo. Being a food lover, I have recently started a recipes and food blog called the ‘Delish Recipes‘. It is where I made a collection of delectable asian and international cuisines, mostly the possible kinds of food which I missed from Singapore and my way of connecting with people who enjoy food and culture as much as I do.
Within the collection are also recipes of Hungarian food which I learned to make from my in-laws, my husband’s grandmother and my Hungarian friends.

9 MUST-SEE in Budapest!

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31 thoughts on “Zannnie

  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed your photos of Budapest. I too like photography and this summer I will be going to Budapest for the first time and your photos make me feel that I’ll know my way around a little.
    I’m a senior citizen (73yrs) and live in New York City.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Zannie,
    thank you so much for your nice comment to my blog. I love your pictures from Budapest very much and miss no one!!! It’s a fantastic city, I was many times there – because I’m still Hungarian in my heart, I have still family over there and because love my country!
    I have not counted all the sunsets I photographed in this 6 years living in Key West, but I can tell you, there will come more out of my archives or also actuell ones of course. :-))

  3. Hi Zannie

    I’ve just uploaded my photo and wondering whether anything else I need to set up to share this photo with other viewers and visitors. I gave a title and a description and submitted.
    I am only thinking…is there anything i missed?
    Thank you for your help.

  4. Hi Zannie!

    I just came back from Budapest for visiting a very close friend, early this week. I was there for abt three weeks where one of the week my friend and i drove to Italy. Thanks for the stuffs you wrote about Budapest and you take lovely photos!!

    I am amazed how you live there despite of the language barrier. Do you work there now?

    By the way, i am from Singapore too! Would be nice to try to live in Budapest. :)


  5. Hey Zannie,

    I’m a Singaporean studying/living in Hungary.

    It will be cool to know and hang out with you one day as we are a rare breed here. Heheh!

    Hope to hear from you!


  6. Hi Zsolt and Zannie, you have a very good photoblog. No wonder your blog have google page rank 5/10. Daily photo from Budapest? Its like daily travel to budapest when i`m a your blog. Kepp up the good work.

  7. I just discovered your photoblog a few minutes ago by chance as I was looking for old photos of Pasadena, California. Judging from the few post I quickly went through, I love it!! I went to Budapest in May 2008 for only 3 days and I still have the Budapest Blues. Thank you for taking the time in doing this blog. I miss it even more now.

  8. I enjoy you great pictures from Budapest. I visited there in December 2004. Loved the city. Can you post a picture from the large skating rink near the small castle (sorry i do not remember the name — near the war Memorial. Thanks You.

  9. I like your photo of Vivi City Singapore. Can you send me an e-mail please because I’d like to ask you a question about it.

    Auckland, NZ

  10. Szia, Zannie !

    Singapore lah!

    I love your photographs. Nagyon szep!

    I am going to Hungary this summer, and a photograph is at the heart of my guerilla film making project. Please send me an e-mail. This recovering Hungarian who spent four years in Holland Village (and loves lakhsa as much as goulash) would love to share his project with you. I’d be blessed if you wrote back.

    Xie xie, terima kasih and kossonom !


  11. Hi Zannie,

    How are you doing?

    Singaporean studying in Budapest here. Spoken to you guys a while ago but didn’t have the chance to meet and hang out. Hopefully we can make it happen soonest!!

    Are you guys going for critical mass this saturday?

    Enjoy the Spring!

    – Fathir –

  12. Hello, Zannie

    I love your photographs :-)

    actually, I didn’t know Budapest well, but now I wanna go there~! it’s beautiful~~
    thanks for showing them

    when I get a chance to go there, I’ll check your book :)

    Sohee from South Korea

  13. Hi Noemie,

    Thank you and I’m glad you like my photos.
    Yes, of course, you may share it on your forum


  14. Szia,

    I love this blog and I love this town!

    I am a 26 year old Swede. I lived in Budapest one year, and I miss the city so much… When I miss it the most, I can just check out the latest daily photos and it calms me down.. a bit..


  15. Great Blog, I have been here twice at 1991 and at 2009 the people are so polite, I loved sitting and hearing the people(local) chatting so quite, maybe within the next five years we could translate verbal conversations so I will come again.
    Thank you

  16. I will be moving to Budapest this year and while I am still not there, I will live vicariously through your blog, Zannie! :) I can’t wait but we shall see how easy/difficult it is to adjust to living there with no Hungarian! haha take care for now!

  17. Thank you for providing me and others with a very exciting piece of the web.

    I’ve added a link back to your site from my blogroll/linkroll at my little budget blog at

    I’ve also written a short bit about the site at my link guide:

    Budapest Daily Photo – a daily photo blog of the city by one of its inhabitants. The
    standard of the photos can vary, but together they build up a fascinating
    portrait of the city.


    If it’s possible, I would be honoured if you could link back to my blog.

  18. Hey Zannie,
    I think your photographs are amazing. I’m a student at the Ontario College of Art & Design (Canada’s most renowned art & design university). I would really like to talk to you about the possibility of using a few of your photographs in a tourist booklet I’m designing for my editorial class. Please contact me at so we can discuss this opportunity further.

    Much appreciated.

  19. Hey Zannie,
    I think your photographs are great. I would really like to talk to you about the possibility of using a few of your photographs in a website that is following press freedom in Hungary. If you are interested please contact me at
    Thank you.

  20. Hi,

    This site looks a lot like the Boston Globe with the pictures and all.

    Nice to see that the glimmer of Budapest is still alive with your photos.

  21. I saw the picture of you and your husband while browsing through the photos of Budapest and I immediately thought “she must be Singaporean”. And voila!

  22. Dear Zannie,
    on behalf of the travel agency CORVINUS TRAVEL, s.r.o. I would like to ask you if you would be willing to offer us your beautiful photos to present Budapest on our webpage. We would be really glad to have especially your photos.
    All the credits will go to you, we will attach (c) your name to the photos.
    best regards,

    Alexandra Zieglerova

    P.S.: we are having a group of Singaporeans in the middle of September :)

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