The experiences of a Singaporean living in Budapest (since 2007) has been recorded here. This blog is where I feature the unique Sights which are not to be missed for any traveler. Be it if you’re here for just 3 days or up to a week (or even months and years), you will find these posts by me practical for your adaptation to Budapest.

I fell in love with Photography and Painting since my move from Asia to Europe. Besides, I enjoy cooking, writing and travel. Every once in a while, I do get messages from very friendly people who visits Budapest. For them, I wrote down and hence share my recommendations to some of the ”9 MUST-SEE in Budapest! “

I also run two other sites, one is  Singapore Daily Photo about Singapore which was where I lived before marrying my husband Zsolt. Being a foodie myself, I have started a recipes site called ‘Deelish Recipes’. This site is where I collected all the delectable Asian and International Cuisines of the World! Mostly, they’re the various food which I miss from Singapore. It is also my way of connecting with fellow foodies all around the world.

Hungarian Recipes: Nokedli Galuska

Above is an example of a Hungarian Recipe: Nokedli Galuska

Within the collection you can find recipes of Hungarian food which I learned to make from my in-laws, my husband’s grandmother and my Hungarian friends.

9 MUST-SEE in Budapest!

Must See