Budapest Pride

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I still can’t report about the Budapest Pride as a colourful, happy celebration of the gay community and a tolerant, inclusive society around them. Last year I have posted this photo and this year my post is very similar. Policemen are sending away tourists as they are banned from the cross of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky and Andrássy streets. Fences were set up in order to protect the participants of the Budapest Pride from the aggressive protesters. You can sense a bit more of mood of Hungary nowadays by watching this short video.

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3 Responses to Budapest Pride

  1. TDS says:

    I was in this exact spot about 3 hours ago. Police standing around looking more bored than aggressive. One topless drunk guy standing by the fence shouting “faszszopók! hülye mocskós buzik!”, apparently to no-one in particular. Groups of young men dressed all in black (must have been boiling hot!) walking past calling the police officers “hazaárulók” and discussing which direction the “buzik” were walking in. A few bemused tourists. Hardly a scene of celebration. But… at least the parade went according to plan and everyone was safe. We can at least be happy about that.

  2. Zsolt says:

    Yes I agree, we experienced the same. The contrast was huge between the colourful parade, lot of people waving, dancing, celebrating with music and the black dressed protesters shaking the fence. Civilization is indeed a long process. Nothing else is needed: do not harm. And those people there wanted to do harm..

  3. Ferdy says:

    Fortunatly there`s no need for police in portuguese gay pride parades. The people in it are much more than the dozen possibly protesting it, to show off on tv.

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