Budapest transformers

Budapest transformers

Again a strange effect that iPhone has created in HDR mode. The emergency car was coming very fast on the Ferencz körút.

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3 Responses to Budapest transformers

  1. Richard White says:

    I like this. It is a really neat effect, it looks like something out of a science fiction movie.. where its slowing down or something.

  2. LincolnEye says:

    It looks like it has taken 3 exposures in quick succession. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique for capturing all the details of a scene from brightest to darkest. It’s worth using on a bright sunny day when highlights all go to white and everything goes black in the shadows. HDR uses a normal, a dark and a light image and combines them taking the darker highlights and lighter shadows from the 3 images. This can be a time consuming job on a PC so I’m impressed that the iPhone can do all this!

  3. Zsolt says:

    oh yes, iPhone always surprises me.:) the other miracel is instagramer

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