5 years ago (gosh I remembered it was like last year only) three firefighters died in a fire at the Technical University (BME) in Budapest. This plaque is on the wall of the University now.

p.s. Yesterday’s photo was taken at Nyugati tér, congrats to Pierre-Edouard from France (Sabary PE)!


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One thought on “Memorial

  1. That is sad… ironic you should post that picture today. We had a fire at my college earlier, nothing major but the school was evacuated. Luckily nobody was hurt.

    Firefighters are true heroes however, a few years ago we had a large explosion in Toronto, a propane gas depot had exploded sending a large fireball into the sky causing the largest evacuation in the history of Toronto. The district fire chief died that day trying to save the lives of the people involved in the explosion… on his day off.

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