NGOs are demonstrating against the enormous paperwork and hostile attitude of the authorities distributing the European Union sources in Hungary. Its a common joke among Hungarian non-governmental organizations providing social or health services: “I have a bad news! We won an EU grant!”

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3 Responses to Demonstration

  1. Gunn White says:

    I guess that is one way to do it…. ;-) Nice photo,nice light and also FUN!:-)
    (Norway is NOT a member of EU, one of very few countries in Europe who has not a membership.)

  2. marcin says:

    Well, Hungary is well known for its enormous paperwork… everywhere!! I’ve spent there whole year and it was crazy… Even if you want to buy a pre-paid phone card you need to show your passport, spend 30 minutes waiting for the lady filling all papers… ;-) I don’t want to mention my adventures with the immigration services… ;-) So, I guess the whole country should protest!

  3. Zsolt72 says:

    marcin…you are right. And the reason is the lack of trust.:(

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