Chinese terracotta army in Budapest

Kínai agyaghadsereg kiállítás

The Chinese terracotta army arrived to Budapest from Xi’an. Or at least their replicas. We were standing at the entrance with Zannnie and when we have read that you could see “original reproductions” inside we decided not to enter.:)

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  1. Richard White says:

    You will never see the originals and be within 100 feet of them. Apparently the Chinese will not allow people to be near them or stand amongst them. To do so is considered a great honor. We had a mayor named Hazel McCallion here in Ontario, Canada from a city near Toronto go to China and stand amongst them only because she was granted special permission from the Chinese Government. I am afraid we will never see the real ones unless you are truly worthy.

  2. That’s not entirely true – a handful of originals came to London’s British Museum just a couple of years ago, and were so up-close-and-personal that protesters managed to cover them with placards! Nonetheless, I don’t ever know why museums choose to display replica items – the whole point of seeing something is that you’re getting an authentic slice of history.

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