Hűvösvölgyi Nagyrét

Budapest snow

The great field at Hűvösvölgy is one of those rare parts of Budapest which has been untouched since decades. Popular play for excursions , for running and for outdoor events among the hills of Buda.

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9 thoughts on “Hűvösvölgyi Nagyrét

  1. Brings back memories! I grew up in Remetekertvaros. But I remember ithose woods in radiant sunshine with kids running around licking candy canes, corousel whirling , music in the air, trampled grass packed with the buzzing crowd lounging on colorful blankets. I remember the woods on a carpet of bright wild flowers, mushrooms in the shade, the taste of smsll strawberries (szamoca), the birds calling and squirrels scampering above.
    Later I lived in Lipotmezo where my father was employed-thanks for the spectacularly beautiful pictures you posted many months back. Congratualtions to your marriage to Zannnie. I feel strong kinship to you two as my psychotherapist daughter and her Irish husband have adopted a Chinese toddler a few months ago. They will have some same issues as the two of you when raising your future children. If interested: http://www.jasminesjourneyhome.com
    I enjoy your photos and admire the effort taking and posting them.

  2. I enjoy your great pictures of your beautiful city. Maybe you can make some pictures of the large market hall. I visited Budapest several years ago. I hope I can return one day. Keep up the great work with your photographs.

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