Nostalgic steam engine

Children Railway

This steam engine works at the children’s railway among the hills of Buda. I wrote about the children’s railway before, now I wanna concentrate more to the engine.:) In my childhood when we used to live in Tatabánya my grandmother’s house was quite close to the railway. The town was actually an industrial center famous of coal mines. These old (ok..larger than this) steam engines were pulling the vagons full of coal from the power plant (or to the power plant I dont know):)…I am not sure  because I rather just enoyed to watch those fantastic huge steam engines. You know…at times even industry can be beautiful!

New questions on Daily Photo Poll:

I have launched a poll on Daily Photo community. Together with the previous 6 questions now 4 more questions are displayed in the sidebar. My intention is to make a short research on this great community, so I will be very thankful if you take some time answering them (to get the next question just refresh the site!). The questions are mostly relevant to both visitors and DP members alike, but of course answering them is totally voluntary. If you dont see the Daily Photo related questions anymore, just the so called “content polls” of VIZU it means you already answered all the 10 questions.:)

Barb left me a comment that she couldn’t see the poll displayed on my site. Maybe some browsers do not support it, so for any case I listed all the 10 questions in the FORUM, you also can answer them there!

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