dj.bp’s Budapest


Looking north as the city lights come on, and the sun sets.

Our guest for this week is dj.bp.

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Here’s how to ‘Be our Guest Photographer‘:

On the Flickr, we have opened a group called Budapest Award Group where everyone can add his/her Budapest photos and thus everyone is free to the awarding of the ‘Budapest Award’ to any photos in the group. Hence, every week the most popular photo will be invited to be featured on the Budapest DP..

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13 Responses to dj.bp’s Budapest

  1. photowannabe says:

    Wow, that’s quite a beautiful picture of the City. I really like the lighting.

  2. Gorgeous. Love this blog and your pictures of Budapest.

  3. This is a gorgeous picture. Postcard perfect picture. The colors and the sky are amazing. Those clouds are beautiful.

  4. Lara says:

    How wonderful reflection of the bridges into the water. The light is great too!

  5. Buda Baby says:

    The person who first called Paris “the city of light” had obviously never been to Budapest. [Watch, now I’ll find out now it was Brassai who first said it… ;-) ]

  6. Gwen says:

    Beautiful night view of bridges, what a cityscape.

  7. Goff says:

    Fascinating blend of natural and artificial lighting. Brilliant!

  8. Fredrik says:

    What a fantastic view. Makes me wanna go to Budapest right now!

  9. olivier says:

    un magnifique panoramique, avec une lumière superbe
    A magnificent panorama, with a wonderful light

  10. Paul says:

    A wonderful, wonderful picture of a much-photographed view. It is now my preferred wallpaper!

  11. Isadora says:

    was this yesterday? If so, I must have missed the sun in the afternoon. :)

  12. dj.bp says:

    The photo itself was taken at the beginning of September, not in November… Thanks for the comments all… very much appreciated.

  13. Denton says:

    dj.bp, this is a wow photo indeed. I especially like the lighting and the reflections.

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