Tűzoltóság means FIRE DEPARTMENT in Hungarian. This post is dedicated to Okina:) This guy (and his mates) appeared on the Chain Bridge just a few mintues before the Critical Mass last Saturday because someone climbed up to the bridge. I was there but I even didnt realize it. Only when policemen and firemen appeared suddenly and they closed the bridge.

Unfortunatelly bridges are popular among people who try to commit suicide. Most of the time their action is only a “cry for help” but at times they really jump. This time fortunatelly it didnt happen. More photos you can see here..

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3 Responses to Tűzoltóság

  1. Denton says:

    Suicide is such a sad sad thing so often attempted by the young. Bravo for the Tűzoltóság.

  2. photowannabe says:

    Our Golden Gate Bridge is such an attraction for “jumpers”. There are several a month. Very few survive the impact.

  3. Okina says:

    :))) Köszi, csak most vettem észre. Akkor most már a tűzoltókról eszedbe is jutok?:) Mi pont az Andrássy végén voltunk, hallottuk, mikor rádión lefújták és láttuk, ahogy a XIII emelő és a harcsa a helyszínre vonul.:)

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