Motorbike or bicycle?

Motorbikes in Budapest

Which you prefer in a city? Motorbike or bicycle? As for me I go for bicycle. When it comes to motorbikes I prefer large American choppers but not for cities….rather for long empty roads…. And today Marcsi told me that when two motorbikes meet on the road they blink to each other.:) its cool!!.

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9 thoughts on “Motorbike or bicycle?

  1. I have always likes motor bikes, and yes it is true bikers normaly nod or flash their lights to each other. The same thing happens with VW Beatles, the owners of them let on to each other. I have an old Land Rover, and the same happens with these, I always wave, or flick my lights to say hello.

  2. I don’t like motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic and ride between two cars. It happens all the time on our roads and many get hurt because they are not seen until the last minute.

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