Korom’s Budapest

New York Café 024

Our guest for this week is Korom.

This is the entrance of the renewed Café New York. Its one the most famous Cafés in Budapest situated in a 19th century Art Nouveau townhouse of palatial proportions. The café’s opulent interiors and literary associations have endowed it with near mythical status. Like other cafés, it was originally popular with writers for purely practical reasons: it offered a warm refuge from cold rented rooms that they could scarcely afford – and paper and ink were gratis. Though today you’re likelier to rub shoulders with fellow tourists rather than struggling scribes, the New York still counts editors of literary magazines among its habitués. When the café first opened, one of Hungary’s most famous playwrights of the last century, Ferenc Molnár, and his colleagues tossed its key into the Danube so that its doors might never shut. Which means you can still enjoy a steaming hot cappuccino accompanied by a plate of somlói galuska, a triad of creamy, chocolatey dessert dumplings, or a host of other luscious offerings. From gotoHungary.

Soon we will show the Café’s beautiful interior.

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8 Responses to Korom’s Budapest

  1. Paul says:

    Fascinating shot – great angle, beautiful detail.

  2. Olivier says:

    un petit diablotin qui tient la lampe de l’enfer, belle photo

    a small imp who holds the lamp of the hell, beautiful photo

  3. Interesting photo. I like it.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. Zanabel says:

    I love Art Nouveau — this seems exotic, very beautiful. As soon as I get a little more time, I’m looking forward to clicking onto all of these links to photos of Budapest.

  5. photowannabe says:

    A very interesting mixture of old and new. Great architectual detail and I like the lines and curves.

  6. I love the lanterns (would love to see a close-up) and can’t wait to see the interior. Interesting history of the cafe.

  7. Great place! I learned the art noveau style was invented by Alphonse Mucha in the 1890s – he made beautiful posters, and the style was soon everywhere, including Architecture.

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