the first strawberry


Its season is in June here. Its a mistake to eat it before June…At least Hamvas Béla thinks so. He says we have to eat it in June with powdered sugar and with sour cream. Not with whipped cream its a mistake again. First the strawberry, then the powdered sugar and then you put to its top the sour cream after your taste. By the time the cream will solubilize the sugar and its going to be mixed up with the juice of the strawberry. After you ate it a pink juice will be left in the pot (never an iron one!) which you can just drink at is it. He awares us to put it to the fridge. A cool cellar or down to the well is the right place to cool the strawberry at the hot noon time leaving it there until three or half-past three when the air starts to be less hot. You put it to the terrasse and under the nut-tree you eat it slowly with your spoon.

I cant be as poetic with my poor English as Hamvas Béla in his book “Patmosz” but with this strawberry I wanna say an early hello to the slowly arriving summer.

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8 thoughts on “the first strawberry

  1. You learn something every day. Strawberries and SOUR cream. I’ll try that next summer….if I remember.

    Ms Soup

  2. these strawberries are superb, that gives desire for making a tart

    this Weekend, I propose on my photo blog on Martel. Before and After.
    And amusing, I start with Delfour-Couderc drapery, it was the house of the late arrears Grandparent of Olivier (DP Evry)
    (A friend, it is him which me advises to make a blog)
    My blog photographs on the town of Martel

  3. I used to look forward to strawberry season with great anticipation. Nowadays though we get them year round – they grow in tropical Queensland during the “winter”. Taste good too. I have strawbs on my morning cereal many mornings.

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