Feri’s Budapest

For this week my special guest is Feri with his cute photo.


I took this photo at the parking place of the US Embassy in Budapest. The embassy has a very safe parking place, with strong fence, so it is a paradise for cats. No dog can go close…
People living and working there doesn’t like the embassy, since they have blocked two roads and a part of Szabadság tér, so you have to take a long way around to get through. They also placed big iron columns around very densely to stop any attack (tanks? :)
But this cat doesn’t care with all this, just enjoys the still-warm car and the food he gets from the people living nearby.

The building that reflects in the car is very nice secessic building, used to be the Postatakarékpénztár (Post Bank) in the end of the 19th century. Today it used by the Hungarian Public Treasury.
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8 Responses to Feri’s Budapest

  1. Olivier says:

    photo culte et tres bien vu de ta part. voila un chat qui a quand meme des gouts de luxe ;o)

    photo worship and seen very well your share. veiled a cat which has tastes of luxury nevertheless ;O)

  2. pusa says:

    what a lucky cat! not a care in the world huh. nice photo btw

  3. z says:

    That is one cat who feels completely at home. The car owner probably doesn’t appreciate it, but it sure is a nice place for a heat-seeking kitty! Cute photo!

  4. Anikó says:

    de édes sziszamisza!

  5. Chris says:

    cute photo…..looks like he’s in for quite a long nap!

  6. Jules says:

    I thought it was Jaguar that had the cat on the hood:) Well the placement is all wrong for a Jaguar, do Audi’s have hood ornaments, besides the occasional live ones.

  7. Feri says:

    You’r right, the phot would be better on a jaguar. Next time I ask the cat to move to a Jag. :)))

  8. He’s sooo cuute and look like my cat when is in peaceful with world (and conscious to be in safe). Great photo indeed !!!

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