watched by frogs


Yesterday morning in the morning traffic jam I stopped beside this red VW Golf at the lamp. Looking to the left I recognized his frogs starring at him. I have no idea what for.:) But I can imagine how they jump into his lap when he suddenly push the break:)

Tegnap a reggeli dugóban emellett a vörös Golf mellett álltam a lámpánál. Ahogy balra néztem észrevettem a békáit, ahogy őt nézik vezetés közben. Vajon minek?:) Azt mondjuk el tudom képzelni, amikor az ölébe ugranak egy hirtelen fékezésnél:).

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10 thoughts on “watched by frogs

  1. hahahah..good imagination :D
    must be the daughter or wife (gfriend) who wanted the accessorise the space

  2. Ah, slang for a Frenchman is a “frog” – I wonder how much of an insult that is?
    I’ll probably find out :)

  3. ohh so thats why Alice refered to Frenchman. I never heard before the “frog” is for Frenchman…so this guy was maybe French:)

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