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Celebrating 1st of May

Since 1st of May is Theme day in the DP family (are you preparing yourselves guys?):) I decided to post on 1st of May one day before. The local government of Budapest helped me, they have raised the flags in … Continue reading

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Liberty Statue

wikipedia says: The Szabadság Szobor or Liberty Statue (sometimes Freedom Statue) in Budapest, Hungary, was first erected in 1947 in remembrance of the Soviet liberation of Hungary from Nazi forces during World War II. Its location upon Gellért Hill makes … Continue reading

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At the Danube

Maybe the good weather has pull me as a magnet to the waters. Those fast ferries can take you to Vienna and back…which can be a great excursion. Leaving Budapest in the morning…riding this ship…spending the day in Vienna and … Continue reading

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Lomtalanítás is a typical event of big city life. There is a certain period when you can put everything you dont need anymore to the street and the local government of your district will collect all the used funitures, fridges, … Continue reading

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What do you think, who will be the winner? Goooo TRAMWAY!!! By the way..this photo is an evidence…showing that the earth is not flat! When it was a debate about it centuries ago, one of the arguments were that sailors … Continue reading

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