Anikó’s Budapest

Szabadság híd

Again a photo from Anikó. I love this pic. It is worth to enlarge (click) and you can see a lot of details. The green stuff (ok…to see the green part you dont have to click) belongs to the Szabadság Bridge. The part of the hill to the left is the Gellért hill. The place I took my Budapest panorama shots time ago. The next bridge..that noble white a the Erzsébet Bridge…and in the background you can see the castle of Buda. She took so much in one:).

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7 thoughts on “Anikó’s Budapest

  1. Beautiful. I would love to stand at that spot on the bridge and gaze upon the lovely view.

  2. zsolt.
    does every bridge have its own colour there??? interesting to see the green one, jealous??

    have the nice weekend

  3. Hello,
    This photo reminds me when I was in Paris looking at the Seine river on the Bridge Alexandre III or in London looking at the Thames river .I would like to take a fishing rod to take some fish!

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