Van Gogh – Leather Clogs


A pair of leather clogs – this is the promotional ‘tool’ that Van Gogh’s exhibition was promoted with. in this exhibition, I get to see and ‘feel’ Van Gogh’s life story through his paintings. His style in paintings with a ‘strong articulation and very directed’.

I took this photo in a mall in Budapest called ‘MOM Park’, very strange name isn’t it? cos as you can see, it is not even like a ‘PARK’! I wonder why it is called MOM Park;) strange.8)
Anyway, I like the curiosity and joy that was brought to this little Hungarian boy while he was ‘playing’ and enjoying his ‘little moment’;) sweet…

program Budapest.

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11 Responses to Van Gogh – Leather Clogs

  1. Curly says:

    Why do I like this simple picture of an overlarge clog?

    It is artistic.

  2. Carol says:

    This picture makes me laugh. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a regular shoe with blue paint spilled on it. This is much better!

  3. jing says:

    who did steal my clog??
    interesting ..i am so curious to put my foot in it….

  4. Mimmu says:

    MOM park – is “the parking place” for tired moms? They could sit down, when their children can run around this place :)
    We have in the department stories “Men parks”. When women are shopping, men can read
    papers or play with their laptops.

    Nice weekend to you!

  5. don says:

    hahahaha a shoe of van Gogh. Where is the other one…. somewhere in the city??

  6. Olivier says:

    on recherche l’ogre qui aurait oublie sa chaussure ;o) impressionnant et tres bonne idee cette exposition. j’adore quand l’art sort du musée.
    Je vous souhaite un bon weeck end

    one seeks the ogre who would have forgets his shoe; O) impressing and very good idea this exposure. I adore when art leaves the museum. I wish you a good weeck end

  7. ioanna says:

    What a cute shot! What a funny situation! I makes me laugh! When i first saw it, i thought that the little boy was sleeping on the huge Van Gong’s shoe! Hi, hi it’s really funny :)

  8. photowannabe says:

    I like Oliver’s comment about liking when art leaves the museum. I do too. It exposes everyone to art, even children. Fun sculpture ,great tactile aspect.

  9. Lisi says:

    I always like to capture photos like this one! nice shot!

  10. ben says:

    This is somehow very humorous. Nice find, and well done!

  11. Meg says:

    I keep looking at the pink shop with 40-50% off!

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