Harry Hill Bandholtz

Day of Tivadar in Hungary. The Hungarian version of Theodor means: the present of God
Harry Hill Pandholtz

This is general Harry Hill Bandholtz. I took this photo from behind because the light was much better like this. His statue is right in front of the US Embassy. But who was general Harry Hill Bandholtz?

A, American General who prevented a group of Romanian soldier from removing the treasures of the National Museum in 1919.
B, American General, the commander of the American zone of Budapest in 1945.
C, American General, the commander of the American zone of Budapest in 1919.


The right answer to the previous question is C, a concert place and restaurant. It was a former Ukrainian ship..but never on cruise anymore:)

(Congratulations for those who found it out. And don’t worry if you’ve not. The game will last till 12th of November even if you’ve joined later, you still have a chance for the prize! Just answer in my comments box, and you are AUTOMATICALLY playing;)


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  1. Patrick Garland says:

    The photo is indeed of General Harry Hill Bandholtz, American Representative to the Inter-Allied Commission, in Budapest. The answer to the quiz would be A. The incident took place October 5, 1919.

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