Day of Gyöngyi in Hungary. Old Hungarian name comes from the word gyöngy (pearl).

23th of October 1956. The day when the Hungarian revolution started. Today we are celebrating its 50th anniversary. I posted again two photos showing the place 50 years ago and nowdays (I took it last week). This is the Corvin alley where a movie theatre is located. Strategically there is an important cross of roads right behind the buildings where Russian tanks coming from the east on the road No 4. had to move toward the downtown of Budapest. Few Hungarians created a command post in this alley maintaining the resistance for days against the Russian tanks with 16-year-old youths. The memorial which you can see on the photo below is referring to them. Its a young boy with weapon and the Hungarian flag behind him. You can find more photos here, and my writing about 1956 here.
Corvin Movie Theatre


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